Friends Only (or maybe not)

This is friends-only now... but anyway.. Friends are always WELCOME :)

If you wanna be part of my crazy world, please leave me a comment here and tell me a little bit about you &hearts &hearts

To know a little more about me, just check my profile ;)

Don't add me without commenting first though, that is NOT cool... And i will not add you back

Thats all for now... Thanks for stopping by and Welcome XD

castle love xD

Feedback and questions on Icon Table Generator go HERE :)

Hi everyone!

I'll leave this post here for anything related to the Icon Table Generator.

As there was no specific place for this, some have been leaving questions of feedback on the Friends Only post, and sometimes comments there get forgotten.
Now you will have this post for any help or anything you might want to share about the generator.

Any comment or question is always welcome. And don't worry if i don't reply right away, i will get back to you as soon as i can.

Thanks! :)


My serious attempt of coming back to lj :)

Well, i've been trying to get back to posting and all these past months... And checking at my flist i realized i barely know have the people on it...

In some cases it even seems we dont even share the same interests anymore... It also seems that half my flist have been stopped posting even before i did...

This means... If i really want to get back on lj, i need to start over...

So, Im cutting most of my flist here and starting from scratch :(

This is not a fun thing to do... I never like cutting people... But i need to do this... So... No hard feeling okey?

If you've been cut, but you really liked being part of my craziness... Or if you just feel you shouldnt have been cut... Then leave me a comment and i'll get back to you :)

If you havent been cut, it means you are stuck with me (yeah, lucky you lol)... Well, in this case, you are welcome to recommend some cool new friends to me... Like i said, i need a fresh start and i'll love some new friends :)